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May. 12th, 2006 12:26 pm
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The papers graded and returned to students and the whole promise of summer had filled the air. Okay, so she only had a month off until summer school started, but it was a month. She wanted to go do something and if she wasn't quite sure what that something was, she'd figure it out.

It seemed to involve going home at least partly, though. She really ought to do that more often.

And she wanted to see Fred. It had been a while since their shopping trip, and she'd gathered a bit about what had happened with Illyria. It was sort of hard to keep things like that secret in the Realm.

So, Boston it was. She packed Noah a few things to play with, intending to drop him off at her parents' house. They'd taken to the whole grandparent gig with more verve than she'd expected, but it was a good thing. The pools wouldn't be open yet, and the ocean too cold to swim in, but there was nothing to say they couldn't just go wander on the rocks or something, so she grabbed a towel and sunscreen and hiking boots until really she'd packed far too much for a day's outing, but she didn't care.

She was bouncing out the door, the taste of freedom teasing at her senses when a hand closed around her arm.

"Where are you going, my Lady?"

She shot Fergus a look. "It's Keelia. Not 'my Lady.' Keelia. And I'm going to see a friend back home."

"Your classes are over."

"Yes. Thus the seeing a friend bit instead of going to work." Why was he scowling again?

"I'm coming with you." It was announced, not asked, like some sort of final pronouncement. She glared.


"It's not safe."

That got a roll of the eyes. "She hasn't caused a problem in almost a year." Almost exactly a year, in fact, and if she paled a bit at that, well, she was pale anyway. It likely wouldn't be noticed.

"Still. You freed her."

"Uh huh."

"And she hates you."

Keelia shrugged a bit, kicking at the door with one foot.

Fergus took that as assent.

"Therefore, it's not safe for you to go running around without an escort."

"I'll have Fred."

"Who is?"

"My friend."

"Is this Fred a suitable body-guard."

"She builds weapons to decapitate demons?"

He looked mildly impressed at the last, but not as much at the finding out she was another young lady. And one who consorted with demons.

"I think I should go."

He was standing in her way now and really, he was a dear to be concerned and underneath the arrogant male assumption that she couldn't take care of herself--which granted, he'd seen her dead more than alive, so he might have some reason for thinking that--she saw real worry. Caring. Maybe not for her, but no doubt for Midir. She sighed and gave in.

"All right. But you have to be nice. We're going for fun. Keep weapons out of sight and smile."

He gave her an amused look, then flashed a charming smile. "Like this?"

She couldn't help smiling back. Stupid Sidhe. "Yes. That will do."

They dropped Noah off, and then there were the requisite introductions and her traditional Irish parents slightly flailing at the advent of yet another of the Gentry into their lives. Keelia waited it out, as patiently as she could, agreeing that they'd stay the night and she'd spend all day tomorrow with them, guaranteed, and they finally let them go.

She grabbed the truck, glad for once of its age which would let the three of them sit comfortably across in the cab. She had directions to the new house, and they headed out of town to find it, and Fred, and hopefully a pleasant distraction or two.
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