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Continued from here.

Devin had slept through Fergus' return to the room. A glance at the boy and girl curled up in the bed had made him smile a little, even though he worried, and he took the couch. He made coffee in the coffeepot in the bathroom in the morning, peeking in at the sleeping pair. The coffee woke Devin up and he actually gave Fergus a rather sweet smile of thanks and joined him on the couch. There were movies and Street Fighter, and Devin played a little music. He seemed better and Fergus breathed a sigh of relief.

When Fred hadn't woken up by mid-afternoon, Devin started fidgeting. When evening rolled around, he was near panic. Fergus checked her and tried to sooth him that she was just sleeping. He'd taken a lot from her, but not too much. She just needed to get her strength back.

"You have to get her help."

Fergus arched an eyebrow. "She's not in need of help, Devin."

"What if she is?"

After about an hour of it, even Fergus' impressive patience wore out. He carefully wrapped Fred in a blanket, picked her up, and with a worried look at Devin, took her to the Tower. He didn't want to leave Devin alone for so long, while fretting, so he put Fred in his bed and went in search of Keelia.

Keelia found herself staring at him, shocked, not fully believing what he was telling her until she saw Fred curled up, asleep.

"She really....with Devin?"


She blinked at her friend, then shook her head. Given her well documented inability to stay out of Sam's bed if he crooked his little finger, she really wasn't in any position to even be surprised. Sometimes they really were irresistible. And sometimes they needed you. And sometimes you needed them in ways that you couldn't tell to anyone else.

"Is she all right?"

He nodded. "They were...thorough. I need a fairly long nap after a full night in his bed. I've no idea how long she'll sleep for. But she's fine. Have the Lady check her if you want to be sure?" She nodded a little. "He's fretting. Worried for her. I need to get back to him."

"I'll stay with her." He smiled his thanks, kissed her cheek and headed out.

Keelia explained, briefly and with no details, the situation to Michael and Midir, and put them on Noah duty. She sent a message to Methos and Wes, telling them Fred was at the Tower and that she, Keelia not Fred, was having a horrible crisis that she really, really needed Fred there for. A female thing. She was fine and Keelia was so so so grateful that they were loaning her to her.

Grabbing a book, she went to Fergus' suite, and curled up to wait.

On the second day, Midir stopped by and muttered things about the Leanan Sidhe. Keelia shooed him out.

Keelia slept in the room both nights. By the third day, even she was getting a little worried, but she tried not to. She went for a run, then grabbed a shower. She checked on Fred and noted that she had a bit more color, which was encouraging. She pulled out her book again and sat in the window seat, feet tucked under her.

ooc: Fred's first comment which got accidentally deleted[/ooc]:

Light peeked into the corners of Fred's eyes, and she sighed a bit at it, trying to shoo it away. When that didn't work, she showed her displeasure at it by turning slowly in the bed to hide her face in the pillow, wishing it would just leave her alone for a while longer. There was something about the dark, and comfort, that lingered that she wasn't sure she was supposed to let go of.

She stretched and curled into a yawn, all while keeping her face hidden. That's when she finally thought. Her first concious one of the day. The pillow was soft, and fresh, and the linens smelled like ones that had been dried on a line, with sun and care. They always smelled different then, she should know. It was how they were growing up.

But they also weren't what she slept with now. There wasn't anything like that at the house, even though she'd been thinking on it more and more lately. It also wasn't what she'd fallen asleep with either...

Fallen asleep.

She'd fallen asleep. She kissed his...him. But not him, not them, and...

Fred forgot all about her argument with the light and sat straight up.
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