Jun. 23rd, 2005 01:15 am
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Once upon a time there was a beautiful fairy princess with eyes the color of sapphires. Her beauty was acclaimed throughout Ireland and she won the heart of a handsome fairy king, and they loved as few before them had ever loved. They were denied their happy ever after by a cruel trick of fate, cursed to be parted throughout time.

But this is not their story.

One day, millennia later, the beautiful fairy princess would be reborn as the pretty daughter of doting parents in a town in the New World called Boston. She would grow up, loved and safe, and venture out into the world to tell stories and teach the next generation of storytellers. She would meet her prince again, and it is only fitting that in the New World a new element would be added, a new prince, and the curse maybe finally broken. Because while the mortal world circles around binaries, everyone knows that three is the number of the gods.

But this is not our their story either.

For in between the princess and the schoolteacher were many other girls with sapphire eyes and red curls. And each one of them has a story to tell of life and love and magic and tragedy and dreams of happy ever after.

This is Katie's story. Katie, who lived in Ireland, and loved, not her green eyed fairy prince, at least not at first, but rather a handsome rakehell of a merchant's son. A bonny brown-eyed boy named Liam.

Katie wasn't a princess. )

ooc: After re-watching "The Prodigal," I couldn't resist. All dialogue between Katie and Darla is directly from the episode, written by Tim Minear. Liam/Angel and Darla belong to Joss Whedon, et al. The rest is mine. ;)


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