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She almost cries when she finds Michael's note. Hurt Noah? He would never hurt Noah. The note says he'd be back, within the week, but not where he was going. She doesn't know what happened. Doesn't know why he'd leave. Why he'd think...

It must be something bad, though.

She almost runs to the nursery, relieved when it's there. With the upset between Sam and his Lady...

Noah looks up with a grin from where he's managed to color all over the table designed just for that. "Kea!" He seems fine. She pulls him into her arms tightly. He protests and wiggles and squirms until she lets him go.

She smiles her thanks at the nursery's guardian and takes Noah back to their room.

Midir's there, back from checking on things. He's found the note.

"Keelia? What's going on?"

"I don't know." She's fighting the tears still. A couple escape. Noah puts his hand on her cheek. "Kea?"

She turns her head to kiss his little hand.

"Gunko Miko?"

"He had to go on a little trip, sweetheart..." Her voice cracks, worry clear in her eyes. Midir moves swiftly and takes Noah.

"He'll be back soon, boyo. Until then you're stuck with us."

Noah looks at Keelia, unsure whether to cry, if she's crying, but then smiles back at Midir.


Midir sighs and drops to his knees.

"No! Horsey! Gampa Sam's horsey!"

Midir vows all sorts of revenge on Sam when he gets back and whole as he can be. He reconsiders the leprechauns. He almost should send pixies.

He kisses Keelia's cheek. "I'll take him, love." And he does, taking Noah outside for most of the rest of the day.

Keelia dances in the studio. She goes outside to meet them for a ride for a little while. She reads. Tries to make the time pass. Ignore the tremors through the Tower that seem to echo her own fear and worry. She loves Sam. But she can't deal with him now, on top of Michael. There's Noah to think of. And Midir.

Sam is being taken care of as best he can be for the moment. The Lady is not alone. Lu is not alone. So, for now Keelia needs to focus on her boys. Nothing is fixed in a day. There will be pieces that need rebuilding that they all have to be strong for.

Battles to come and the light in her eye doesn't bode well for Michael's hearing when he returns. If he returns. When he returns. She pulls the thoughts back in. He'll be back. He wouldn't just leave. And when he's back....she's not sure if she'll kill him, fuck him, or both. Probably both. She's not sure in which order.

Evening falls, and they get Noah fed and in bed. With a soft sigh, worry overtaking fury, Keelia curls up in Midir's arms, very aware of the absence in the bed.

"He'll be back, love. He promised." He kisses her forehead, settling his arms around her tightly, working to keep the worry out of his voice.

"What if Kivar...?" Her voice breaks, just a little as she buries her head in his chest.

"He's taken care of. Michael...he'll be fine. He'll be back. He can take care of himself." His hands smooth over her skin, soothing, petting.

She lets herself believe the words. Nods against his chest. Clings to him through the night.

Neither of them sleeps much.


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