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He came in quickly, prowling, all feline grace and dark power swirling around him enough to cause her to lift an eyebrow and stare at him for a long moment.

"What did you do?"

Tiny growl. Little whimper. "Games...just games. Got..." He shrugged.

Sam was out of commission, and Sam wouldn't have left him in this state. She was fairly certain Dai wouldn't have either. So unless there was a new player, that left only one option.

She gave him a wry smile. "Daemon?"

He threw himself on the couch, head in her lap looking up at her with beseeching eyes. "He has rules."

"Yes, love." She tried not to smirk. Really. She did. But he looked so pathetically frustrated and rumpled.

"Very annoying."

"Yes, love." And that was not a giggle. Nope.

He glared at her balefully.

Noah looked at him, sensing the whine in his voice, if not the almost out of control power. "Meer?" He got a baleful glance as well.

He didn't stifle the giggle. Midir moved, lightning fast and scooped him up. He gave a squeak, but the arms around him were gentle, if firm, and ones he'd come to trust, so he didn't cry. Without a word to Keelia, Midir left the room, taking the baby with him. A very charming smile to Julianna, as he deposited Noah in her arms with a kiss. To Noah. Not Julianna. Julianna got a wink, though and a saucy grin, though still that dark power radiating around him.

Back to the room with a thought, and a speculative look at his lady who was eyeing him a touch warily. "I'll never sleep if I don't relax. So I thought I'd take a bath." A pause. A breath. An offer. "Join me?" She'd been more receptive to touch lately. More open. Initiating, but still not. That.

Her eyes widened a bit. She swallowed hard. And then she nodded.

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